Hand-sewn cases from Prostějov

We own and operate a modern sewing workshop in Prostějov since 2014. Right here in a town with a long-lasting clothing tradition, all the fashionable, practical and highly durable cases for phones, tablets or notebooks are made. Product quality is critical for the FIXED brand. We try to ensure the best possible quality through product testing and our own development and manufacturing.

And what is the advantage of having our own production?

The basic element is precise manual work and quality of materials. The manufacture of each product is a complex process that takes place in several stages, such as large-format preparation, pressing, cutting, putting a logo, sewing, gluing, ironing, etc. Each product thus passes through the hands of up to ten people and thus multiple quality checks before it is ready for expedition.

Own development

A development of the cases is in hands of qualified designers, who ensure that our cases are not only practical and functional but also modern looking and stylish. They draw inspiration from the needs of everyday life as well as new trends.

We believe it will be appreciated by our dealers as well as the customers themselves


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